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    Confirm requirements

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    Analyze projects and match best linguists

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    Confirm requirements

    Sign contract

    Make down payment

    Analyze projects and match best linguists

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    About us

    Shanghai Mission Translation Services Limited (a member of Translators Association of China, member of The Association of Language Service Providers, ISO9001 certified and AAA Credit Enterprise certified) is a trustable leading language service provider based in Shanghai. As a translation agency, it always stays professional, honest, efficient and committed to multilingual interpretation and translation. We have established sustainable relationships with government authorities, chambers of commerce, enterprises and public institutions concerning foreign affairs, and many well-known domestic universitie.

    We have hundreds of full-time translators and part-time freelancers working for our offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Zhengzhou, establishing a network radiating from Shanghai as the core to all the branches across China.

    Our service covers simultaneous & consecutive interpretation, escort interpretation, professional translation, audio-video translation, language training and SICS Leasing.

    The languages we can deal with include but not limited to English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay and other non-English languages.

    Over the years, our team has accumulated rich experience in such fields as business and trade, law, metallurgy, machinery, construction, medicine, literature, IT, communication, electricity, electronics, water conservancy and hydropower, energy, chemical engineering, biology, agriculture, environmental protection, aviation, automobile, textile, food and more.

    By putting quality first, Mission Translation provides clients with accurate, high-quality and prompt translation services through dedicated process control, structured work flow and quality management efforts.


    Member of TAC
    Member of ALSP
    ISO9001 Certified
    AAA Credit Enterprise Certified